Dekret at the summits

We make sure that hard work does not lead to an occupational burnout. We travel together as, both with our families and separately.

We prefer active relaxation, thus taking care of our health, physical condition and proper regeneration. A good rest gives us strength for further work. We like to leave Wrocław and get closer to nature. Physical activity allows us to relax, relieves tension and helps us calm down, while at the same time enhancing our physical condition and giving us energy. Mountains and high peaks are our favourite.

Patagonia, Argentina – Chile, 11-12.2019


Sky Tower, Wrocław, 07.2018


New York, 07.2015


Slovakian tatras, Rysy hut, 09/2012


"I'm sure of it, deep down I know it,
That somewhere on top of the mountain, we'll all meet together.
Despite the world loving and hurting us every day,
Somewhere at the top of the mountain, we'll all meet again."


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