Ongoing tax advice:
  • preparation of legal and tax opinions, interpretations and explanations regarding applicable tax legislation
  • consulting on the application of tax and balance-sheet policy instruments
  • preparation of contracts and their analysis with regard to tax optimisation
  • consulting on income tax laws
  • consulting on tax planning and optimisation of tax burdens
  • optimal choice of legal form for business operations from a tax viewpoint
  • conducting of company capital and organisational restructuring processes
  • consulting on international issues connected to Global Transfer Pricing
In the framework of our tax advice services we also verify the correctness of tax calculations though audits and tax reviews.



Transfer prices:

  • preparation of detailed tax documentation conforming to legal requirements and supporting taxpayer's standpoint
  • preparation and implementation of correct transfer price policy for international and domestic transfers


Tax proceedings:

  • participation in control and tax proceedings as authorised representative or consultant

  • preparation of process documents and contact with tax office representatives

  • client representation and organisation of client's affairs at tax bodies and financial control bodies, and appearances before the chief administrative court 

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