We apply a competitive price policy depending on labour intensity in the preparation of monthly tax declarations.


Based on discussions with the client, taking into account the individual's needs, determine the price of services.Price is a regular monthly flat rate covering the full range of services. It changes when the range of customer documentation, or working time is far from established criteria.


The price can also be fully variable price depends on the number of documents accounted for.For more information please contact us by phone: 71 394 32 23 and 604 977 087 or e-mail: b.bielecka@dekret24.plAlternatively, please fill out an inquiry price. Then, based on the information we'll estimate the proposed price.



Please complete and send us the form below for the purposes of a service cost estimate:

Name and surname:
Contact telephone number:
Year business activity commenced:
Type of business:
Does your company pay VAT:
Legal form of business: one-person company:
 company under civil law
 company under
 commercial law
Type of records kept:
 tax accounts of revenues and expenditures
 recorded one-off payment
 tax card
Additional services:
 ZUS settlements
 maintaining staff affairs
 other accounting and tax services relating to economic analyses, etc.
Does your company conduct?:
 intra-Community acquisition of goods
 intra-Community supply of goods
Envisaged quantity of documents per month:
Number of staff employed:
Amortization of fixed assets:
Security Code
Human Verification
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